U.S. COnsidering Possible Yazidi Rescue Mission in Iraq

U.S. Spe­cial Oper­a­tions forces in north­ern Iraq went to the Sin­jar Moun­tains in Iraq today to assess a pos­si­ble mis­sion to res­cue the Yazidi refugees threat­ened by Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) mil­i­tants. The team has already returned from that mis­sion. The infor­ma­tion they’ve col­lected will go into plans and rec­om­men­da­tions senior mil­i­tary lead­ers will present to Pres­i­dent Obama in the next few days. Those refugees were chased out of their vil­lages by the ISIS mil­i­tants. U.S. air oper­a­tions and airstrikes have “cleared ISIS fight­ers” from most areas at the base of the moun­tains, cut­ting the threat to refugees and any pos­si­ble res­cue mission.