Obama COnsidering Ways to Help Christian Minority Under Threat in Iraq

A New York Times report says Pres­i­dent Obama’s con­sid­er­ing air strikes and emer­gency relief air­drops to help 40,000 reli­gious minori­ties in Iraq, who’ve fled to a moun­tain­top try­ing to escape ISIS mil­i­tants. An admin­is­tra­tion spokesper­son says those mil­i­tants are now at the bot­tom of that same moun­tain. The ISIAS forces, an al Qaeda off­shoot, have been busy in Iraq and Syria. They badly beat Kur­dish forces over the week­end, which led to thou­sands from the Yazidi com­mu­nity to flee the town of Sin­jar for the mountains.