Experimental Ebola Drug Generating Controversy

It will be a while before the West African coun­tries try­ing to cope with an esca­lat­ing Ebola out­break, can get their hands on the exper­i­men­tal drug being used to treat two Amer­i­cans who caught the dis­ease in Africa. Accord­ing to Nigeria’s Health Min­is­ter, the CDC’s informed him that there are vir­tu­ally no doses of the drugs, ZMapp avail­able right now. Even if ZMapp could be man­u­fac­tured in large quan­ti­ties, it is exper­i­men­tal, so no one knows if it actu­ally works. That hasn’t stopped crit­i­cism, with an aca­d­e­mic in one of the affected coun­tries say­ing this shows white and black patients don’t have the same value in the eyes of world medicine